Knot & Rust


Our Story


As a couple, and individually before that, we have been crafting and creating our whole lives. From sewing my own dresses, to creating floral arrangements, to designing and building ceiling tin decor, I haven’t stopped making things since I was a little girl. Whether out of need, as with the dresses, or just for fun as with the crocheting and beadwork I do now, I have always enjoyed being creative and making things. And I am so blessed as to have married someone who shares my passion for creating.

As long as I have known him, Ken has always been a builder. He built four of our houses, including the one we live in here in Pawleys Island. For thirty years he worked as an electrician, but he has always been a woodworker at heart. Over the years he built kitchen cabinets, an oak chest, a guitar, and so much more.


Working for General Motors, Ken had the opportunity to take a cash buyout when the auto industry crisis hit in 2008. That is when we made the transition that turned our hobbies and passions into a full time gig. We purchased a saw mill and additional woodworking equipment and started as Creation Woodworks in the small town of Hubbardston, Michigan. We found a niche with manufacturing reclaimed wood flooring and furniture out of wood salvaged from local barns.

Since then we have moved to Pawleys Island, expanded our offerings to include hand cut metal decor, and re-branded as Knot & Rust.